How to Build a Universe Beyond the Standard Models is printed in A5 format, English Language using 10 point Cambria. It has 150,000 words, hundreds of color illustrations, equations and references spread over 420 Pages.


Price:- $US60.00  

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The book is printed on 80 gsm white paper with a 300 gsm cover, perfect bound. Packaged weight is 800 gms (1lb 12oz).

Delivery is by Economy Air mail. The price includes postage, handling, tracking and email notification of delivery. Delivery depends upon destination and is typically 7 to 14 working days for most locations. If local taxes/charges/import duties apply, they are the responsibility of the customer. 

You will be notified before purchase if there are additional delays due to production or other issues.


Electronic copies are available in .pdf format.

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A discounted introductory offer is available to:-

The first purchaser from approved research institutions;

Students quoting their University and student number. 

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