GRAVITY has been the most difficult topic or force to describe. Newton showed it acted through the inverse square law, but gave no reason for it to act. Einstein refined that to mass distorting space-time to produce gravity. I showed that space and time were distorted by photon redshift. That still does not explain gravity’s… Continue reading Gravity

Einstein’s Special Relativity Corrections

Einstein’s special relativity (SR) theory is often regarded as one of the more complex topics in physis. He used only mathematics to derive variations to Newton’s laws of motion. It shows variations in mass, length, and time with velocity relative to another observer. The maths is so complex that many people can’t understand it. Over… Continue reading Einstein’s Special Relativity Corrections

Classical and Quantum Mechanics Merge

Some people are confused about when classical physics applies and when quantum physics applies. When there is a continuum in a material, whatever that is, classical mechanics applies. Dividing things into smaller sections reaches a limit where individual molecules are detected. A molecule by itself behaves differently from when it is in a large collection… Continue reading Classical and Quantum Mechanics Merge