The main features of this common sense universe is that it is based on common sense. The previous standard models were base upon mathematics. Those models had major problems. Very few understand the mathematics. The models have not been able to unite quantum physics with relativistic physics. In the quantum world they took to describing elementary particles as waves because they had no idea what their particle structure was. In the wider universe, they developed the wrong interpretation of Einstein’s gravity.

The result is that they consider protons and neutrons to be made of quarks held together by gluons. No individual quarks or gluons have ever been detected. They don’t know anything about their physical reality. Nucleons make up about 99% of the mass of the universe. The standard models don’t know much about them.

At the other extreme, they can’t understand Einstein’s maths sufficiently to realize that his gravity equations predict that gravity is weaker than inverse square. When that occurs, an infinite steady state universe will not collapse. Then everything that is seen is all that is needed to explain all the observations. Instead they developed a model in which that which astronomers can see is only 4% of what must exist under their models. Of that 4%, they know almost nothing about the quarks and gluons, their fundamental particles.

In other words, they know not much about 4% of the universe and nothing about the remaining 96%. In any other field, that would be classified as a  big time failure!

Compare that with this work, where the structure of 100% of everything is explained. There is still a lot of detail to fill in, in terms of their properties!