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With 20,000 words and 3 dozen illustrations The Amazingly Simple Universe gives a summary of how the universe works at different levels. It is aimed at an audience that knows about atoms, light and gravity to high school level. It is ideal for those who want to know how the universe works, without the complexities of why!

Learn a little about how the structure of electrons, protons and neutrons gives them their properties and lets them form nuclei and atoms

Knowing why dark matter and dark energy do not exist, makes it much easier to understand The Amazingly Simple Universe

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For those who want a little more information without getting too technical:

How E = mc2 Shapes the Universe has 50,000 words and 75 illustrations. It goes into some detail and uses a few simple equations as it explains some of the why the universe works the way it does. Those equations allow good high school matriculants to derive E = mc2 and calculate gravity strengths under Einstein's gravity, even with his approximations removed. Many could do it quicker and more accurately than those who use field equations.

It was written for those with an inquiring mind and a good knowledge of physics and mathematics at high school matriculation level. How E = mc2 Shapes the Universe is ideal for professionals, eg, engineers, technicians and similar, who want to understand a little about complex topics like Einstein's relativity theories, aspects of quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, the origins of gravity and/or the large-scale structure of the universe.

When you find out how simple they are, you may begin to wonder if the "experts" really do know what they are doing!

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The Common Sense Universe has 155,000 words and hundreds of illustrations, equations, and references. It gives all the information needed to understand the universe from its smallest sub-atomic particles to its large-scale structure. Both the physics and mathematics are about mid-undergraduate university level. They are all that are needed to give readers a more advanced level of understanding than those used by "experts" in many fields. It is common sense supported by the necessary mathematics at the simplest level needed without losing technical accuracy.

It is a must for those with a career in advanced level physics, or who want to know advanced level physical principles. The simplicity and accuracy of the presented information may make many readers seriously question whether the "experts" really understand what they are doing. Many could be excused for considering they have made their topics unnecessarily complicated using mathematics they don't understand.

As for the "experts", how could over 100 years pass by with the "best and brightest" not understanding Einstein's simple mathematics, or Newton's simple physics? That they could not understand them is evident from their insistence that black holes exist and that Einstein's field equations predict that gravity is stronger than inverse square. Simple maths, common sense and Newtonian gravity clearly shows gravity must be weaker than inverse square for Mercury's anomalous orbit to precess. That can only occur when gravity is weaker than inverse square. Einstein predicted it when he calculated its anomalous precession.

The Common Sense Universe takes the complexity out of advanced physics. It restores the common sense that existed under Newtonian mechanics without losing technical accuracy or scientific integrity. The sooner the experts read it, the earlier they can add to this work or use the results to advance their studies. It gives dozens of experimentally testable predictions that can be verified.

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