Einstein’s Special Relativity Corrections

Einstein’s special relativity (SR) theory is often regarded as one of the more complex topics in physics. He used only mathematics to derive variations to Newton’s laws of motion. It shows variations in mass, length and time with velocity relative to another observer. The maths is so complex that many people can’t understand it. Over 100 years later there are still those who doubt its accuracy. That is foolish because his predictions match every test against which it has been tested.

Chapter 2 of “THE COMMON SENSE UNIVERSE” shows the that the structure of each individual particle automatically subjects them to the SR corrections when they move at a speed relative to an external observer. Their structure makes SR a much simpler topic to understand and derive the corrections. automatically generates a fourth correction Einstein missed. That structure also explains the relationship between energy and mass through the equation E = mc2. It shows why particles are subject to Einstein’s special relativity corrections but photons are not!

THE COMMON SENSE UNIVERSE” shows how to recognize the stationary observer from the moving observer, even though there are no absolute fixed space and time co-ordinates. There is no twin paradox. The best example is cosmic rays. They travel at speeds a significant fraction of the speed of light. They come from all directions. Cosmic rays are moving relative to us. We are moving relative to the sun. Stars within a range of several thousand light years are not moving with respect to each other. Within that distance the sun provides a local rest reference frame.

Within those corrections, Newtonian mechanics still applies. It is just that mass, length, and time change, making the calculations more difficult. The fourth correction makes it easy to understand the apparently peculiar behaviour of electrons that can’t even be explained by wave equation treatment of electrons. The diameter of individual particles changes with their speed.

The structure of matter under this model automatically gives rise to Einstein’s SRT corrections. It makes it easy to understand and make calculations in SR. The same structure is also the one that gives the apparently peculiar behavior to the smallest particles like electrons and photons having both particle and wave properties.

THE COMMON SENSE UNIVERSE” describes the physics and simplifies the maths, without losing technical accuracy. When you understand the physics, visualizing what is happening  make new predictions much easier.

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