The Story of the Universe

THE COMMON SENSE UNIVERSE” starts with the smallest sub-atomic particles and goes on to how they build atoms. It is classical mechanics applied to the structure of the individual particles. It shows how nucleons form nuclei and how they were fused to give their observed abundances. Even quantized electron “orbits” around nuclei and electron pairing to form molecules, crystals etc, are simple classical concepts based upon the structure of the particles. It is not standard model physics. Rather it is much simpler to understand and make calculations, without losing accuracy.

From atoms to galaxies, the standard models do a reasonably good job, gravity and galaxy rotation excluded.

THE COMMON SENSE UNIVERSE” goes on to show how individual sub-atomic particles collectively distort space-time to generate gravity. It gives the physical principle involved and shows the mathematics predicts Newton’s gravity as a first approximation and Einstein’s gravity as a second approximation. The exact solution predicts the torus structure that is said to be produced by black holes. It is all in the one easy to derive equation.

This presentation simplifies Einstein’s gravity to a stage where some good high school matriculants could make some calculations using his gravity theory. Einstein didn’t believe black holes could be derived from his field equations. He was right! Newton’s classical mechanics points out that orbital precession, such as Mercury’a observed anomalous precession, requires gravity to be weaker than inverse square law. So does the precessing orbit of star S2 around the centre of Sagittarius A.

The big error cosmologists have made is to not understand Einstein’s field equations predict gravity gets weaker than inverse square as mass increases. When gravity is weaker than inverse square, an infinite steady state universe will not collapse under its own mass. That changes the whole field of cosmology.

Einstein considered the need for a cosmological constant, to prevent the universe from collapsing. He considered only a finite universe, which will collapse under any gravity theory. An alternative redshift mechanism that passes the Tolman test and uses Hubbles constant was proposed. It shows that the observed high redshift SNe1a magnitudes fit the predictions of a steady state universe and explain other observations. Telescopes showing galaxies at redshifts above 10 are not seeing galaxies about formed within half a billion years of the Big Bang. They are seeing galaxies over 33 billion light years way. Redshifts above 12 are over 35 billion light years away. Of course they will appear much smaller than the “average local galaxy”.

THE COMMON SENSE UNIVERSE” indicates how hydrogen atoms that fuse to helium and higher Z nuclei are recycled back to hydrogen. No matter how long it lasts, and it truly is eternal, the universe is neither expanding, nor expanding at an accelerating rate. It will recycle itself, never running out of fuel.

THE COMMON SENSE UNIVERSE” shows that what experimentalists detect and astronomers observe is all that is needed to explain the universe. There is no dark matter theoreticians use the wrong mathematics. There is no dark energy – the universe exists in an infinite, ever-changing steady state, in three space dimensions and time. There are no extra dimensions to be found. There are no further hidden particles or symmetry to be found by using higher energy particle accelerators.

THE COMMON SENSE UNIVERSE” we live in has existed forever without external input or fine tuning. It doesn’t do that because it is fine tuned. It does it because everything is inherently stable. Theoreticians have been introducing ever greater complexities to explain what astronomers observe and experimentalists detect. It is not needed! Before theoreticians ask for more money for bigger and better machines, get a copy of “THE COMMON SENSE UNIVERSE” and find out what is actually happening in their field of interest. It is time for experimentalists and astronomers to tell theoreticians they should develop theories that match observation, instead of letting theoreticians tell them what to look for.

The story of mankind’s understanding of the universe began with classical ideas. Diverging into mathematical mystique has not delivered great changes. It has led to experts showing their mathematical “brilliance” as they dabble in black holes, Big Bang, accelerating universe, unexplained galaxy rotation and more at the universe’s large scale. At the lower end they dabble in quarks and gluons, bosons, fermions, leptons, strings, branes, and ten or more dimensions, among others.

The “experts” will never close in on understanding the universe until they revert to the common sense upon which so much of our modern world was founded. “THE COMMON SENSE UNIVERSE” is the pathway to completing that story. Then we can move on to the more important things like completing the fusion energy dream. It has always been three decades away since it was first suggested over 7 decades ago.

To make real progress, start with a copy of “THE COMMON SENSE UNIVERSE“. Revert to common sense and use maths only to predict the outcome of your theory. If it doesn’t match observation, change your theory. Do not tell experimentalists to look for something new. As “THE COMMON SENSE UNIVERSE” suggests, they are already decades ahead of many of standard model theoreticians predictions.

Over five decades since dark matter was proposed, no sign of any possible candidates have been positively identified. Make that six decades for quarks and fractional charge!


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  1. I am endeavoring to publish in mainstream journals. The typical rejection notice includes words to the effect: “It is not standard model, so we won’t publish it”!

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